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Connect directly with US college admissions officers


via Visitdays and receive help from our team’s elite college counselors


Participating Institutions

  • Princeton University

  • Williams College

  • Amherst College

  • Columbia University

  • Harvard University

  • Swarthmore College

  • Pomona College

  • Wellesley College

  • Yale University

  • Bowdoin College

  • Stanford University

  • United States Naval Academy

  • University of Chicago

Washington University in St. Louis

  • United States Naval Academy

  • University of Chicago

  • Claremont McKenna College

  • California Institute of Technology

  • Carleton College

  • Duke University

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Middlebury College

  • Northwestern University

  • United States Military Academy

  • Washington and Lee University

  • Dartmouth College

  • Davidson College

  • Grinnell College

  • Hamilton College

  • Brown University

  • Vanderbilt University

  • + more totaling 2,000 

Book a Counseling Session

Book a counseling session with college admission counselors. Unlike others, we offer both general college admission counselors and specific counselors who work for a University for over 1,300 US Universities.



We're a team of principals, school teachers, and college counselors with experience in both the United States and South Korean education. Combined, we have 90 years+ of experience in both running universities and helping students achieve their university goals.


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